Jordan De Goey’s next move.

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced AFL footballer Jordan De Goey has confirmed he will appear in the next series of Dancing With The Stars once he returns from The USA.

De Goey attracted the attention of the producers of the reality TV show after numerous famous performances on the dance floor.

“Jordan’s a great dancer,” the shows producers confirmed.

“And every time he goes onto a dance floor he makes headlines. That’s why he’s perfect for Dancing With The Stars.”

The producers are referring to two incidents in particular which made the Collingwood star famous. He recently got arrested for assault at a nightclub in New York, and is still awaiting the outcome of an investigation into the incident. He also damaged his hand at a nightclub in St Kilda some years ago. On that occasion, it wasn’t his actions on the dance floor that drew attention, but the fact that he said he damaged his hand playing with his dog, made his coach repeat the lie to the media, then finally admitted to the lie once the truth was revealed.

“That kind of questionable morality and ethics will take Jordan a long way on reality TV,” stressed the producers.

“Let’s not forget, apart from his nightclub antics, he’s also been fined or suspended by the Magpies for incidents such as speeding and driving without a licence.”

“We are certain Jordan will make a great addition to the lineup for DWTS, and our reality show is the perfect next step for the latest disgraced professional footballer. What’s more, Australian women will be beating down the door to be his partner now that he’s been cleared of groping a woman in New York.”

Image: NuNa


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