Australian children to be vaccinated against footy players.

The Australian government has added a category to the COVID-19 vaccination program after Frank Winterstein, Ben Roberts and Roy Asotasi attended an illegal anti-lockdown march in Sydney recently.

The former NRL players earned nominations for The Frownlow Medal Hall of Fame after putting the safety of all Australian children at risk and potentially extending the very lockdown they were protesting against.

The Frownlow Medal is awarded to the player whose off-field demeanour epitomises the values of the modern-day footballer and draws attention to the status of footballers as role models to young Australians. It covers Australia’s four major football codes; the National Rugby League (NRL), Australian Football League (AFL), the A-League (Football) and Rugby Union’s Super Rugby competition. NRL player Shaun Kenny-Dowall won the inaugural medal in 2015, while AFL player Elijah Taylor is the most recent recipient.

The Frownlow Medal Hall of Fame honours former players and players who received media attention in previous seasons, for similarly scandalous behaviour, and its inductees include Ben Cousins and Julian O’Neill.

“Footballers have always been a danger to children,” a statement from the federal government began.

“Australians have known this for a long time. Frownlow judges have known this for a long time. The actions of Misters Winterstein, Roberts and Asotasi have confirmed this fact.”

“As a result, a special vaccine is being developed which is proven to protect anyone under the age of 18 from the influence of footballers and former footballers. It is vital that we protect the next generation of Australians in this time of crisis and into the future.”

“Already this year there have been at least 50 nominations for The Frownlow Medal and many for the hall of fame. Jarryd Hayne is currently in prison for sexual assault and many other players have harmed society on their way to a nomination. Clearly, children needed stronger protection against footy players.”

It is believed the vaccine roll out will begin at some point this decade, and that children at exclusive private schools will receive the first vaccinations.

Winterstein is a famous anti-vaxer, as is his wife Taylor. She revealed via social media that police visited her house shortly after the protest and issued her and Frank with $1000 fines “for breaching public health orders after they left home without a reasonable excuse and attended the Sydney CBD protest”.

Even after police showed their badges, Taylor accused the police of trespassing on private property, and demanded they show more ‘evidence’.

Fortunately for Roberts, Asotasi and the Winterstein’s, players are not required to be vaccinated in order to attend the Frownlow awards night later this year, because attendees are likely to catch much more than COVID-19.

Image: NuNa


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