Jonathan Patton and the iConsent App.

EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Patton has been revealed as the creator of the much-maligned iConsent App which was designed to tackle sexual crimes against women. The recently retired AFL player admitted to creating the App as part of his new career as a social media consultant.

Patton confessed to creating the App while announcing the launch of his new company Pervy Patterns.

“I thought of the iConsent App”, stated Patton.

“Everyone thinks it was Mick Fuller (NSW Police Commissioner) but he only took the credit because we thought it would be more popular if it was announced by a senior law officer, not another scandal-prone footballer. It was my idea, based on my intimate knowledge of the power of social media in maintaining consensual relationships.”

Patton revealed the App was one component of a broader socila media consultancy package which he can deliver to clients, and which he was developing during the final days of his football career. Pervy Patterns will work with social media models and influencers to strengthen their brand and their earning potential, with a particular focus on tasteful risque imagery.

“Pervy Patterns will also carry a lot of messages and practical tips for men about consensual interactions with women via social media and communications devices, as this is a subject I have learned a lot about recently.”

Patton is accused of sending multiple revealing images of himself to several women via social media even after the women asked him to stop. After the scandal broke, he checked himself into a medical facility claiming he was suffering from mental health issues.

He was stood down by the Hawthorn Hawks while an investigation is carried out into the incident, which includes allegations that he called a woman on FaceTime and appeared fully naked when she answered, and that the calling and messaging continued for a total of three years.

“I know how to attract attention, I know how to increase awareness of a personal brand, and I know that sex sells!”

“I will employ this special knowledge and proven experience to assist clients to increase awareness and exposure of their personal brand, and to subsequently increase their earnings. My business is a niche company specialising in the utilisation of risque, but tasteful, images across diverse social media platforms.” 

“Clients will enjoy tailored and trusted advice in the art of taking and filtering revealing images, disseminating those images with a wide reach, even to reluctant recipients, as well as in monetising publicity generated from exposing their flesh.”

Patton begins his new role immediately, and has offered discounted rates to professional footballers aiming to win The Frownlow Medal.

Image: NuNa


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