T C Robati is a patriot.

NRL player TC Robati has earned a patriotic nomination for The Fronwlow Medal to add to his two previous nominations.

Robati was stopped by Queensland police on January 26, 2023, in a routine traffic stop and found to be allegedly driving unlicensed, with a notice to appear before court issued. This looks almost certain to end his career with the Brisbane Broncos, and possibly the NRL.

He is not the first player to be nominated for an incident on Australia Day and he is no stranger to The Frownlow Medal. He was already facing a previous driving offence.

In 2021, he was nominated for dangerous driving. He avoided conviction but was fined $1000 for swerving a car across multiple lanes of traffic on the way home from the Broncos Mad Monday celebrations in Brisbane. He was apparently in the passenger seat while his girlfriend drove, but grabbed the steering wheel when he thought they’d missed a turn off. The car swerved through traffic and other drivers had to brake to avoid an accident.

Furthermore, he allegedly placed his hands inappropriately on a female at a Brisbane venue late in 2022, and had been stood down from all activities with the Broncos. He has been charged with one count of sexual assault.

The young player might have thrown away his sporting career, but at least he’ll have his patriotism.

Image: http://www.broncos.com.au


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