EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Newcastle Knights.

EXCLUSIVE: Details of the Newcastle Knights Mad Monday celebrations have been leaked exclusively to The Frownlow Medal from sources inside the club.

The leak outlines why Bradman Best and Enari Tuala were late for the team bus recently, and follows the circulation of a video showing Kalyn Ponga and Kurt Mann being removed from a toilet cubicle.

Best and Tuala were stood down after arriving late for the team bus on the day of the game against the Broncos in Brisbane. It can now be revealed why they were late:

Captain Cubicle’s Giant Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is the centrepiece of this year’s Mad Monday celebrations, which Ponga started planning after being sidelined with concussion, as soon as the Knights had no chance of playing finals.

The anonymous source within the club has revealed that Ponga and Mann were in the toilet cubicle a long way from Suncorp Stadium, in order to plant the first clue for the treasure hunt. Ponga was there in his role as team captain, while Mann is the trustworthy utility who does whatever the team needs.

“That’s why they were fully clothed, drinks in hand in the cubicle together,” explained the source.

Captain Cubicle and Mann Monday left a clue, so Best and Tuala teamed up to search for similar clues in a toilet cubicle in Brisbane, after seeing the video of their teammates on the nightly news. As crafty and skillful outside backs, they deduced that toilet cubicles are the best place to start looking for clues. They lost track of time and were late for the bus.

Even Captain Cubicle’s father got in on the act.

Andre Ponga told the media:

“He made an exciting house purchase Saturday and celebrated with a few mates drinking,” before claiming that Kalyn was…

“Sick in the toilet and his mate went in to help him.”

But this was all just a distraction aimed at keeping players like Tuala and Best off the scent. After all, Mad Monday doesn’t begin until September 4, so Ponga Jr doesn’t want players finding the treasure too soon.

The source also indicated that club great Andrew Johns is part of Captain Cubicle’s party planning team, while the Knights new NRLW recruit Millie Boyle was consulted because she is very familiar with the inside of a toilet cubicle.

Image: NuNa


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