An open letter to Jordan de Goey.

Dear Jordan,

We are listening. Everyone at The Frownlow Medal is acutely aware of your unquenchable desire to win the most prestigious award in Australian sport. Your concerted efforts since 2017 are admirable and your perseverance is what makes you a wonderful role model to young Australians.

Never give up. Never lose hope. The Frownlow Medal is within your reach.

The Frownlow Medal is awarded to the player whose off-field demeanour epitomises the values of the modern-day footballer and draws attention to the status of footballers as role models to young Australians. It covers Australia’s four major football codes; the National Rugby League (NRL), Australian Football League (AFL), the A-League (Football) and Rugby Union’s Super Rugby competition. NRL player Shaun Kenny-Dowall won the inaugural medal in 2015, while AFL player Elijah Taylor is the most recent recipient.

Jordan, we were there when you earned your first nomination in 2017, and we recognise your latest efforts, which have earned you three nominations in 2021 alone. We followed your exploits when you were recently fined $2075 for road offences including speeding while driving as a P-plater and sending text messages while stopped at traffic lights. When you were caught driving a black Maserati GranCabrio at 93km/h in an 80km/h zone last year, without displaying your P Plates.

Everyone at the Frownlow family, and many members of the public, understand that many professional footballers are just oversized teenagers, and that forgetting to display your P Plates is an honest mistake, and that you were just dropping off the expensive sports car to someone else.

We were there, following closely, when you had an indecent assault charge withdrawn by police prosecutors earlier in 2021.

Also, many teenagers have their licences suspended, and claim they have no idea it had been suspended. After all, they’re just teenagers. It’s also understandable that you would make exactly the same mistake while riding a motorcycle.

Your hard work in 2018 is also acknowledged. We followed your story when you were caught drink-driving while on your P plates, and there’s nothing wrong with being stuck on your P plates throughout your adult life. We supported you through that suspension, and through the suspension when you lied about how you hurt your hand in 2017. You claimed your dog hurt your hand, made your coach lie about the story to the media, and then conceded that it happened while you were partying and fighting at a St Kilda nightclub.

All teenagers tell little white lies.

Jordan, it’s fine. Everyone blames their dog for something, just like school children blame their dog for eating their homework. We’re with you, we support you, and we applaud the AFL and the Magpies for offering you support and wellbeing every time you earn yet another nomination for The Frownlow Medal.

Jordan, in closing, we would also like to stress, in the strongest possible terms, that your efforts have not been wasted. You have never won the medal, despite being in the running in 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021, but you must understand the extremely high calibre of nominees and medallists. The standard is particularly high this year, as one of the leading candidates is in prison for sexual assault. Yes, it’s difficult, but don’t give up. You have the talent, the attitude, the mindset and the credentials to one day be The Frownlow Medallist.

Jordan, you know there are no guarantees in sport. You are, however, still in a great position to one day win The Frownlow Medal. Keep up the good work.

The Frownlow Family

Image: NuNa


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