The real reason Jai Arrow was kicked out of Origin III.

EXCLUSIVE: Sources from within the Queensland State of Origin camp have revealed that Jai Arrow was kicked out of the team for enjoying the company of a woman without his teammates.

Media networks had previously reported that Arrow was dumped from the Queensland team simply for inviting an unknown woman into the team hotel and breaching strict COVID-19 biosecurity protocols. An anonymous source from within the Maroons camp, however, has recently conceded that the reasons ran deeper than this.

“Jai spent time with a woman without his teammates,” the source said.

“That’s just not done in rugby league. It’s not normal.”

“Jai should know that you do everything as a team, you do anything for your mates, so when you smuggle a woman into your room through a fence, you invite your teammates to your room as well.”

“So many stories and so many nominations for The Frownlow Medal have shown us that professional footballers, especially NRL players, have to be with one or more of their teammates or friends when they spend quality time with a woman.”

“Look at all of those players who’ve gone down in folklore for group parties. You’ve got your Matthew Johns’, your Jack de Belins’, your Bodene Thompsons…Jai should know he’s part of this history now.”

Image: NuNa


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