The real reason police released David Fifita.

Exclusive: Police have revealed that NRL star David Fifita was released from custody in order to attend the awards ceremony for The Frownlow Medal and The Frownlow Medal Hall of Fame. Fifita was recently arrested for alleged trespassing but was immediately released once police learned he had earned his third nomination for Australia’s most prestigious sporting award.

The Frownlow awards will take place in a few days, at the venue Mitchell Pearce had booked for his wedding on the NSW north coast, and Fifita will join more than 50 other nominees.

The Gold Coast Titans player was arrested after he entered someone’s premises, apparently believing he had been invited by a young woman. The young woman and other occupants then apparently told him he was not welcome, and the police were called.

Fifita earned his first Frownlow nomination in 2019 when he got himself arrested for a bar room scuffle in Bali. The Brisbane Broncos bailed him out, then he signed a lucrative with the Titans. He earned his second nomination earlier this year for a COVID-19 breach.

The kindness of the boys in blue gives Fifita time to get his suit fitted for Australian sport’s night of nights, where he will find out if he has done enough to win The Frownlow Medal.

Image: NuNa


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