Truth always wins The Frownlow Medal.

NRL player Josh Reynolds knows that true scandals always win The Frownlow Medal. He should know, he’s been nominated three times. He just earned his latest nomination after footage emerged of him verbally abusing a woman.

Reynolds is shown shirtless, verbally abusing and swearing at a woman who is in bed and who filmed the incident on her phone. The footage then made its way onto the internet. In response to the release of the video, Reynolds posted a message on his own social media account which began “Truth. Always.Wins.”

The Wests Tigers utility earned nominations in 2017 and 2019 but has never won the most prestigious award in Australian sport. With his NRL career surely drawing to a close, perhaps he sensed the need to earn a nomination before it is too late.

The incident is currently being investigated by the NRL Integrity Unit, and the judges of The Frownlow Medal are considering the scale of this scandal against those of other nominees.

Reynolds has made an early bid for Frownlow honours this year, with the first month of the year not yet over. He has definitely made a good start, but is already trailing four fellow Rugby League players who have carried over their nominations from last year, as their scandals are still before the courts.

The Frownlow Medal is preparing for another big year.

Image: NuNa


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