Behind Every Good Man…Nick Stevens’ Girlfriend Dares Frownlow Judges to Omit Him from Hall of Fame.


Amelia Miller recently threatened to release fierce vengeance upon the judges of The Frownlow Medal should they fail to induct her beloved boyfriend into the Hall of Fame in October this year.

“Watch out you sad and pathetic judges. If Nick doesn’t get in, I’ll come after you,” she pronounced forcefully, in support of the ex-Carlton player who was recently found guilty of beating his former partner.

“I’ll fight you, face to facebook, with the full force of social media.”


Miller was responding to speculation that Stevens may not be inducted into the Hall of Fame because he faces strong competition from fellow wife beater Robert Lui, as well as Lui’s Rugby League colleagues Julian O’Neill and John Hopoate and a host of former footballers.

“Nick’s good name is being deliberately slurred by many people who simply want to see him miss out on his rightful place in the Hall of Fame, but after everything he did, he deserves to be inducted,” she argued emphatically.

“Plus, Ralph Lauren just gave me a new outfit for the awards ceremony. I think I’ll wear pants.”

Stevens himself did not comment, because Miller told him not to.

First published in August 2016.

Image: Nuna


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